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"I'm tired".

I occasionally find that slippery statement fall out of my mouth every now and again. You probably do too. It's invariably when I've had one of those days. When I'm just done, I've had enough of whatever life I've made for myself and I want a break, some kind of respite from the press or the madness of it all. That's right I want a break from being alive. I want to check out and somehow recuperate from the life I have created.

Which begged the question, well, two questions actually. 

  • What is the "I", I'm referring to when I say "I'm tired"?
  • What is it that's "tired"?

If you can get yourself past the boring, surface answers to those two questions it starts to get interesting... Firstly as far as the "I" is concerned, it really comes down to two identifiable things. One, your body. Now if you look close enough you'll notice you are not your body. You are not your hair, you are not your toes or your kidneys or your ear wax. You could lose a few limbs and it would still be you. Your body might be experiencing certain aches and pains now and again but that's your body, not you. Two, your thoughts. Well what are thoughts? Nothing more than internal conversations that you often repeat via your mouth. Whatever comes out of your mouth more often than not becomes your life. The "I" is therefore nothing more than a stream of conversation. Listen to yourself right now. That's the "you" you're referring to when you say "I" or "me" or "myself"


Next. What is it that's "tired"? It's an experience your body is having. If you're in the middle of one right now, try and pinpoint where the "tired" is. Is it in your head? Your neck? Your shoulders? What, specifically, is tired?

Well, what the heck is this "I'm tired" thing then?

It's little more than a stuck conversation in your life that most days you seem to cope with while on others takes over and calls for you to check out, to take a break. A break from what? A break from the conversation you have been swimming in that day or that week or that month or that year.

Stuff like "it's too hard" or "I can't do it" or "this is bullshit" or "I'll never make it".

That repetitive noise becomes your tired life. Or not.

You see, YOU are NEVER tired, your body sometimes experiences certain sensations that you connect with tiredness or overwhelm or stress. When it does that, treat it appropriately. When you can separate you from your experience you begin to take your power back.

You are a human being, and the source of your power is in declaring who you are, speaking yourself into greatness...and acting on that powerful use of language.

When your words and your actions combine, you are an unstoppable force of nature. Tired body or not.

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I often get messages from people who want to change their lives or are working on changing their lives or that they just CAN'T change their lives. Many ask for help or advice on how they can "Unfuck" themselves. Here it is...

Unfucking yourself isn't a thing. It's not a linear process with a beginning and an end, in fact quite the opposite in many ways. There's no "Unfuckedville" at the end of the rainbow and all you have to do is get there. Basically, Unfucking Yourself is a way of life. It's a constant interruption, of re-focus and re-alignment, of catching yourself in those moments when you're about to do what you usually do and condemn yourself to the same old, same old life you have.

Whether it's losing your temper or selling out on your get-out-of-debt plan or eating that shit you know you shouldn't or backing away from saying "sorry" when you know you should or being honest when compelled to lie. You could, quite literally, Unfuck your way through an entire day and change the direction of your week, month, year, hell maybe even your entire life.

Start with something small, right now take an action that would be the kind of action, no matter how pointless it may seem, that is a complete interruption to the mudslide of your current life. Step in there. Do it differently. 

Drive past the drive-thru instead of into it, tell someone you love them instead of giving them your silence, cut up one credit card, put on the running gear and go, ask someone out on a date...something, ANYTHING!

Go ahead, pick something for today. Unfuck it.



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Most of us have an idea of what drama in our lives looks like, right? I mean it's when you lose your shit, pull down the curtains, make yourself a dress and set the house on fire...or something to that effect.

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