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Unfuck yourself in 1...2...3....

I often get messages from people who want to change their lives or are working on changing their lives or that they just CAN'T change their lives. Many ask for help or advice on how they can "Unfuck" themselves. Here it is...

Unfucking yourself isn't a thing. It's not a linear process with a beginning and an end, in fact quite the opposite in many ways. There's no "Unfuckedville" at the end of the rainbow and all you have to do is get there. Basically, Unfucking Yourself is a way of life. It's a constant interruption, of re-focus and re-alignment, of catching yourself in those moments when you're about to do what you usually do and condemn yourself to the same old, same old life you have.

Whether it's losing your temper or selling out on your get-out-of-debt plan or eating that shit you know you shouldn't or backing away from saying "sorry" when you know you should or being honest when compelled to lie. You could, quite literally, Unfuck your way through an entire day and change the direction of your week, month, year, hell maybe even your entire life.

Start with something small, right now take an action that would be the kind of action, no matter how pointless it may seem, that is a complete interruption to the mudslide of your current life. Step in there. Do it differently. 

Drive past the drive-thru instead of into it, tell someone you love them instead of giving them your silence, cut up one credit card, put on the running gear and go, ask someone out on a date...something, ANYTHING!

Go ahead, pick something for today. Unfuck it.



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  • I never ever ever leave a comment but hey why not. Change that bad habit into something better than before. Really was an eye opener to me. Think of every decision you are about to make small or big and see the different outcomes from it. Enjoy your day switch it up once and a while

    Jairo on

  • I am starting today. I would not typically leave a comment, but I am choosing to change the way I show up. I am deciding to step out of my comfort zone. After finishing both courses in Creative Live, I am making progress towards unf*cking my life that I spent so long f*cking up. I was living with absurdities I couldn’t believe any longer. That others were responsible for my state of being in the relationship. I often would say, “well, if they weren’t so difficult we could have an amazing friendship.” The absurdity of that statement and why it is so absurd was…. mind-blowing to me when I finally confronted it. I am so motivated to continue to overhaul my life and the limitations I have created over the years. This short blog post sums it up!

    Lucia` on

  • Thanks, I needed this!

    Lisa Gilmore on

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