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Drama, drama, drama.

Most of us have an idea of what drama in our lives looks like, right? I mean it's when you lose your shit, pull down the curtains, make yourself a dress and set the house on fire...or something to that effect.

That's the problem with drama. It's not always that obvious although if you're setting fire to stuff you should probably stop doing that. No, seriously, stop. However, drama can also be subtle, subversive and go completely unnoticed. We often make the mistake of tagging the drama of our lives onto certain people too, like they're dramatic. A wispy roll of the eyeballs coupled with that ever so significant sigh along with some apparently irreverent or sometimes humorous comment and off we go...indulging our own little drama! Sometimes you might even go all in and throw the people in your life under the bus for all the things they should have done or could have done. Maybe you feel like you're just calling them out on something, y'know like setting the record straight. Well done Ms Streep!

Here's the deal. Drama, is anywhere in your life where you experience a negative emotion, no matter how slight, no matter how justifiable, you are constantly creating your own drama, your own little seesaw of emotion and giving your power away. Sometimes, in the event of sadness for instance, it's appropriate but for the most part, it's just a self indulgence.

The first thing you need to realize is that life just is, people just are and anytime you don't accept what is or who people are, you trigger your own drama! The reality is, you are the master of your own experience. Drama only ever plays a role in your life with your approval and I don't mean other peoples drama, I mean YOURS! 

Take back your life, hold yourself to account for your own dramatizing of your circumstances, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem.

You're either the drama queen (or king) or the drama killer, there's no in between.




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  • I am almost 50, being in control of my emotions regardless of the actions of others is my life mission.

    Lisa Gilmore on

  • Thank u because I’m begin to look at the drama in my life and I’m waking up to my reality to take action for my own emotional issue if u can’t fix it let it be but it don’t me I have to take part of it learn from it find new ideas move on maybe they can learn from u instead

    Nina Graham on

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