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*The Asterisk.

"Be Authentic"

But what does that really mean? The dictionary says " true to one's own personality, spirit, or character, genuine". All of that seems pretty straightforward, huh? I mean when someone annoys you or betrays you or behaves in a way that you don't think is right, it's completely fine to "be authentic" and give them what they have coming to them, right? Whether it's a piece of your mind, or your own brand of truth or candor or calling it for what it "is".


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"Toxic People", "Toxic Person", "They're Toxic" 

You've seen these terms bandied around social media, books, workshops, you name it, they have very much become common language in our everyday conversations and environments. And that's a problem. Why? Because, if you are using these terms, you're just not thinking. Period.

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Why "The Asterisk"?
In case you haven't noticed there's an asterisk in the title of my book and we at Unfu*k Nation thought it would be kinda cool to continue that fine tradition. Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, an asterisk is a symbol used to mark or signify something.

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