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Are you acting for tomorrow?

Posted by Gary John Bishop on

I've been working on the next book for the last eight months or so and, as with everything I write, I've gone through all my usual library of negative self-talk.

"I can't do it" - "It's too much" - "It's too complex" - "It's CRAP!"

And on and on and on it goes.

Each day I engage with myself, often multiple times, to impede the flow of my own personal shit storm. Most days I win. I win that moment or that minute or that afternoon and step out of the self fulfilling junkyard that arises in my head. And that's all you really have to do. Win a moment. Have your day (and your life take a momentary turn. Until the next time. And you do it again. Then again. And again. Ultimately what it comes down to is whether I'm going to define myself with all of this stuff (the past) or I am going to strike a blow for some as yet to be uncovered future. And that's the choice we each have, to be defined by what has been or what has yet to come.

And that's your job today. Take an action for what is yet to come.

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  • Yes, Love it…….. “Ultimately what it comes down to is whether I’m going to define myself with all of this stuff (the past) or I am going to strike a blow for some as yet to be uncovered future.” “Take an action for what is yet to come.”

    Tammi Edwards on

  • UnFu*k Yourself is one of my favorite books!! Keep it up, Gary!
    I’m dying to read your next book, and you’ve inspired me to keep working on mine. For real, not just talking about it or thinking about it, but actually DOING it. So simple, really.
    Also, thank you for sharing your own struggles because you’re a fu*king rockstar, and if I lived in your head I’d never say bad things to you…but I don’t, you do….and that’s the kick in the nuts part of it, isn’t it?

    Kathy Changeux on

  • Your first book was a game changer for me, I basically memorized almost every word, via, Audible, not to sound overly creepy, but I listen to it a lot. It does help. I have become a little obsessed with the subconscious, and how to re train it, so to speak. It’s definitely a day by day process, but I had never heard anything like this until I downloaded your book. I thought I was crazy because I talk to myself, as you explain. Point is, I love the first book, and can’t wait for what you have to say in the next one!

    William Stewart on

  • …I’m so happy now that i can place a face with the voice (Audible Books is the only way I could have enjoyed your experience. Crazy thing I’m articulate, read very well they always put me in with the “A” team at school{school the beginning of second guessing, forever questioning myself has robed me of a happy life Problem is I can recall nothing, Zero, Zip, Nada!) that has been trying to reason, motivate, inspire,…..Light a fire under my ass….( heart attack @ age 42 be 57 very soon been waiting to die every day ever scene. Turns out waiting to die can take a Lifetime!…damn it all.) Ya look rough enough. Could you stop by….for the first 30 minutes each day?….that would be Outstanding. Sign me UP for daily morning motivational ASS Chewing…I…am…not….worthless…I have Value…A human being….that continues to wake….?…..Thank you for working with Audible otherwise we would have never met….Anthony Charles Feuerhelm (always thought there should be a the third or forth after my name…entitlement issues )….

    Tony Feuerhelm on

  • Dear Gary:
    My wife Pamy gave me your book as a present. It came to me during an important crossroad in my life. It has being a wonderful tool to overcome those obstacles that I have created over the years and that have affected my life and prosperety. Thanks a lot for this guide!

    Javier Velez on

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