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Are you acting for tomorrow?

Posted by Gary John Bishop on

I've been working on the next book for the last eight months or so and, as with everything I write, I've gone through all my usual library of negative self-talk.

"I can't do it" - "It's too much" - "It's too complex" - "It's CRAP!"

And on and on and on it goes.

Each day I engage with myself, often multiple times, to impede the flow of my own personal shit storm. Most days I win. I win that moment or that minute or that afternoon and step out of the self fulfilling junkyard that arises in my head. And that's all you really have to do. Win a moment. Have your day (and your life take a momentary turn. Until the next time. And you do it again. Then again. And again. Ultimately what it comes down to is whether I'm going to define myself with all of this stuff (the past) or I am going to strike a blow for some as yet to be uncovered future. And that's the choice we each have, to be defined by what has been or what has yet to come.

And that's your job today. Take an action for what is yet to come.

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  • Powerful post.
    George F. Farris on

  • Sounds like an excerpt from ch 9 from UnFu*k Yourself. What a great book!

    James on

  • Thanks for this Gary. I read your book and took the course. Winning the moment is exactly what I need to do today.


  • Looking forward to reading whatever you are working on next. Here’s how I unfucked myself today: I took my allergy medicine. I mean, good grief! How hard is it to take a Zyrtec and 2 nasal sprays? But I find myself dreading it every night. I don’t know why, and sometimes I skip it and think, eh. It doesn’t matter. I’ll start over tomorrow with a better routine. But today, I kicked that effin Allergy medicune’s ass. Small victory, but I recognize I’m building the muscle of self-will and determination.

    Maureen on

  • Thank you for sharing this post . Taking it moment by moment and breaking the battle down into smaller increments has made a huge difference for me.
    II discovered your Creative Live classes and read your book last month. (Actually, I “heard” your book first on Audible—your words and your awesome speaking style made my 45 minute commutes and from work way more interesting!)
    Just taking it moment by moment is helping me make progress in goals, specifically my health, physically and emotionally. Getting honest with myself and admitting where and how I sabotage myself with eating and drinking too much and being lazy and angry and frazzled. It’s not work, it’s not menopause, it’s not my *insert bullshit excuse here. It’s me. I
    have apologized to my husband and daughter for my actions not matching my intentions and i’m doing better. I am willing to do the work now. Thank you for giving me the tools and I am looking forward to your next book.

    Kelly McCann on

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