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Welcome to The *Asterisk.

Why "The Asterisk"?

In case you haven't noticed there's an asterisk in the title of my book and we at Unfu*k Nation thought it would be kinda cool to continue that fine tradition. Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, an asterisk is a symbol used to mark or signify something. In this case a "life marker". What I'm out to do here is have this blog be a place where you can meet with other members of The Nation, interact with each other and where I can post some thoughts and ideas and expand on my work a little more than typical social media channels allow.

What is the cost?

Can I share it with people?
Go ahead.

Can I ask you questions in this blog?
Yes, as long as they are on topic.

Anything else I need to know?
Sure, make sure I have your email address (top of the page) and that you follow all of The Asterisk rules.

What are The Asterisk rules?
1. Don't be an asshole.
2. Follow rule 1 rigorously.

How will I know if I'm being an asshole?
I'll tell you.

Anything else?

No, that's it, welcome, settle in and prepare to expand your brain a little.

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  • Just finished your book and I realized while I was reading it that I was actually thinking things that you said. Many times I’m willing or not willing popped into my mind. I am going to read your book again because I feel that it would sink in better but I can’t wait to give it to my son after I am done.

    Lisa on

  • Really can relate to many of the passages in UNF*. Thank you for your non sterile, real life ponderments. (Is that a word?😆) I AM WILLING!

    Lisa on

  • @Dilly, great post! No workbook out or in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more great stuff though. Welcome to UFN!

    Gary John Bishop on

  • @Maria, the i365 program has been completely revamped and broken down into three separate parts. The first two are on the “Courses” page of the website, the third will be coming in the Summer. Once you have completed one of the courses you are invited to join the Private Facebook page for participants where we expand and share on the results with each other. As an example, in April I have an “Ask Me Anything” series for the people who have done the courses which will be live once a week for the entire month.

    Gary John Bishop on

  • @Ron Hakes, there are no plans currently to visit Cincy (or anywhere at this point!), as I’m busy writing the new book. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    Gary John Bishop on

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